Scrap Plastics


Plastics are already one of the most common parts of the waste stream. Bottles, plastic bags, containers, product wraps (a.k.a. “plastic film”) and other plastic materials can be recovered and recycled.

LMV Recycling Solutions recovers, recycles and markets all types of plastic scrap such as:

  • Post-consumer bottles
  • Pre-consumer and industrial plastics
  • All grades of film plastics
  • And any other recyclable plastic materials


LMV Recycling Solutions has the expertise and ability to recover all the recyclable plastic products in your waste stream and market them at the most competitive prices. Markets for plastic scrap are continuously emerging in the United States and around the world. LMV Recycling Solutions maintains a vast network of established and emerging plastics markets to offer you consistent movement and competitive prices.

End Users:

LMV Recycling Solutions can quickly and economically source and procure just about any type of recovered plastic scrap you require. LMV Recycling Solutions maintains a constantly growing network of scrap plastics suppliers so we can offer you the recovered plastics materials you need, when you need them, at the greatest value.

Over 100 years

Our founder Ludwig Melosch laid the foundation in the year 1907 for our present day company tradition: With his entrepreneurial vision he was able to build a waste paper trade company which in those early days ensured the careful processing of valuable resources.

We have trading partners all over the world

Our international network of business affiliates coupled with over 100 years experience as a waste paper company allows us to find you the best trading partner for your transaction. We help both Suppliers and End-Users of all types of waste products. Contact us now to see how we can help you.