Family of Companies

Melosch – KG Ludwig Melosch Vertriebs GMBH & Co


Our parent company based out of Hamburg, Germany. Melosch is the reliable partner for the European paper industry. We make the collection of all recyclable materials in all dimensions possible. Melosch offers reliable and continuous service through 14 full service recycling facilities.

Melosch Export


Our marketing and trade company established for the export of waste paper and recycling materials to overseas. We offer a worldwide complete service, from the transport of paper to the further processing and recycling. We have developed markets on all continents and established long term customers for their recycling needs. LMV Recycling Solutions is the counterpart of Melosch Export and manages the marketing and trade from North & South America.

AP Concept


Our paper mill purchasing company established to manage waste paper supply for Steinbeis Paper . The Steinbeis mill produces 100% recycled printing & writing paper. We ensure consistent and continuous service to fulfill production demands.

Mammut Document Service


Mammut Document Service is our secure file and data destruction company in Hamburg. As a partner of MAMMOTH, we have 13 locations in Germany shredding from one source and guarantee a safe and reliable manner. Our certified disposal system is 100% privacy-compliant at any stage.



PROFil is our rolls division which trades prime rolls, joblot, & seconds. We have the capability to resize and refit rolls for our partner mills. We also offer storage options and carry an inventory of rolls for “last minute” orders to our converting customers.

Duna Recycling


Our partner for for waste paper collection, disposal, and utilization in Budapest, Hungary.

Over 100 years experience as a waste paper collections and trading company allows us to find our best trading partner for your transaction.