Financial Services


We can finance supplier purchasing and provide advances and extend payment terms with interest to some customers. Contact us to find out more.

Equipment Leasing and Financing


LMV Recycling will evaluate and custom tailor equipment to meet the needs of our clients. We will help our clients by furnishing the best solution and providing contract assistance. Based on your long-term goals and strategic direction we offer recommendations in combination with a budget analysis. This analysis supports the appropriate purchase to match the current volume of tonnage and material separation needs while considering future expansion.

management Services

Management Services


LMV Recycling Solutions will set up recycling programs for certain clients. We will assess your company’s specific requirements and we are committed to providing management solutions that will deliver.

We will deliver waste paper management solutions that are exclusive to each client. Our team will take the time to assess your company’s individual needs and we will be sure you are presented with the most efficient and cost-effective management solution to fit those needs.

Our partnerships also extend to the global market thereby allowing us to develop opportunities around the world.
Our goal is to ensure you get the highest value for your materials while keeping the environment in mind by assuring the lowest carbon footprint

Procurement Services


Recycling is more than just dropping off your cans, bottles, and newspapers at the local collection facility. Diverting recyclables from the waste stream is only the first of three steps in the recycling process. The second step occurs when companies use these recyclables to manufacture new products. The third step comes when you purchase products made from recovered materials. Buying recycled products results in many environmental benefits.

Over 100 years experience as a waste paper collections and trading company allows us to find the best trading partner for your transaction.