Waste Paper

Waste Paper


Paper is one of the most widely used products on the planet. At LMV Recycling Solutions we realize that paper is often the largest component of most waste streams.


Recovered fiber represents a tremendous opportunity. With over 100 years of experience we recognize that almost all grades of paper are recoverable and recyclable. The market for recovered fiber is growing worldwide.

We consider ourselves your reliable partner in the purchase and sale of wastepaper. Whether it be logistics or timing – we offer a worldwide “all-around service” starting with the transport all the way through to processing and recycling.


Whether it be hard white envelope cuts or mixed paper, from the municipality or from industrial applications: We trade high, medium and lower grades.


By means of a 40 foot overseas container our shipments can enter all large ports of the world. Countries in Asia, such as China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand are among our export destinations. We also export wastepaper from North and South America to our European customers with trans-loading and delivery handled by our parent company in Hamburg, Germany.

As a direct supplier we are in charge of an all-inclusive service with guaranteed proper processing: starting with the conventional pre-transport with the appropriate truck all the way through to customs clearance and freighting.


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    Over 100 years experience as a waste paper collections and trading company allows us to find the best trading partner for your transaction.